Thursday, September 2, 2010


So a couple years ago they were really popular. I didn’t see them for a while and now I see them occasionally. Balls


Seriously? What the hell people. Why does your truck need balls? It looks ridiculous.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sing Star

Why does everybody think they are great singers, when they aren’t?
Case in point: American Idol. Probably 90% of the people that try out for that show should not be allowed anywhere near music. Though, that’s the only time I would watch it, if ever. I only like it when everybody sucks, it’s hilarious. When they narrow it down, and there’s actually SOME talent, not entertaining or worth it anymore.

One time I was doing some facebook stalking, and I came across a video of some Asians singing Poker Face. Stereotypically, Asians can’t sing. Case in point: William Hung.  Reality, these people could not sing. It made my ears bleed. Why does every person with a guitar and camera think they can sing? You are not Lady Gaga. Stick to the karaoke bars where at least it can be tolerable with copious amounts of alcohol.

Actually. A guy I work with, he’s probably late forties, walks around singing Lady Gaga. It’s very disturbing. This is a goofy looking guy, bald, 6 foot something, glasses. Though, he is better than the Asians, not saying much. Last week though, he was singing TLC’s No Scrubs. I sometimes get confused about whether I’m in an office at work or the circus.

I used to have a friend, she thought she was the best singer EVER. She was horrible. She claimed she was going to go to Juilliard. I would rather listen to a cat in heat than her. She would always sing along with the radio, but she wouldn’t really know the words so it was just a garbled mess.

The worst part about all this, they actually think they are good. That’s why Simon Cowell was/is awesome. He’s not scared to tell the truth. Lying to these people and sugar coating it doesn’t help anyone. Especially those who have to suffer through their “singing”.