Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sing Star

Why does everybody think they are great singers, when they aren’t?
Case in point: American Idol. Probably 90% of the people that try out for that show should not be allowed anywhere near music. Though, that’s the only time I would watch it, if ever. I only like it when everybody sucks, it’s hilarious. When they narrow it down, and there’s actually SOME talent, not entertaining or worth it anymore.

One time I was doing some facebook stalking, and I came across a video of some Asians singing Poker Face. Stereotypically, Asians can’t sing. Case in point: William Hung.  Reality, these people could not sing. It made my ears bleed. Why does every person with a guitar and camera think they can sing? You are not Lady Gaga. Stick to the karaoke bars where at least it can be tolerable with copious amounts of alcohol.

Actually. A guy I work with, he’s probably late forties, walks around singing Lady Gaga. It’s very disturbing. This is a goofy looking guy, bald, 6 foot something, glasses. Though, he is better than the Asians, not saying much. Last week though, he was singing TLC’s No Scrubs. I sometimes get confused about whether I’m in an office at work or the circus.

I used to have a friend, she thought she was the best singer EVER. She was horrible. She claimed she was going to go to Juilliard. I would rather listen to a cat in heat than her. She would always sing along with the radio, but she wouldn’t really know the words so it was just a garbled mess.

The worst part about all this, they actually think they are good. That’s why Simon Cowell was/is awesome. He’s not scared to tell the truth. Lying to these people and sugar coating it doesn’t help anyone. Especially those who have to suffer through their “singing”.

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