Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Potty 101

What is with people these days and not properly using he bathroom? Everyday, multiple times a day at work I go to the bathroom and here is toilet paper floating in the toilet. nasty. I don't wanna see your gross used toilet paper. I guess at least it's only toilet paper and no poop, but still I don't wanna see that. Also pretty much everyday at the gym, I have to try several stalls before finding an acceptable one. Several of the stalls either have toilet paper still floating or puddles on the seat or both. The other day there was a puddle bigger than a quarter on the seat with several drops around it. Gross! First I don't see how they got so much on the seat and then to just leave it there. I read customers suck on live journal and there are always stories of people smearing crap all over, people using aisles, trashcans, sinks, parking lots etc for bathroom. My sister used to work in a retail store and people would use the dressing rooms. What is wrong with people?!? And the people that do it to get back at a store for not having a public bathroom is just horrible. The people who make the policy of no public bathrooms are not the ones that have to clean up after you that's just sick and demented. I think every public bathroom should have to have the seat covers. Also people need to prove they can identify acceptable places to use the restroom to graduate elementary and again every couple years like when they renew drivers license or something.

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