Monday, July 19, 2010


I was feeling really good about myself this past Friday morning. Fridays, someone brings doughnuts to work. I was able control myself and not have one this morning. A couple of the guys were like oh it’s ok have one. I was like If I had one then I would have to spend another hour working out at the gym. And actually later, I was tempted to have one, I looked in the box, and had absolutely no desire to have one. They didn’t look good at all to me. Which is amazing, as there was a sprinkle doughnut, and that has been my weakness. Any other type of doughnut I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash at, but sprinkles I would always cave and eat it. Today, no desire what so ever to eat it.

Then I needed to get away from my desk, so I went to the other building to eat lunch. As I was sitting there eating in a cube hidden from view, I hear those same old men talking. “You see the size of her lunch box? Man, she’ s really going to need to go to the gym after eating that.” That hurt so much. What was in my lunch box? I had a Hot Pocket Panini, grapes, broccoli, and string cheese. Total about 400 calories.”


That totally shattered me.  The one thing that actually made me fell good today, and they had to ruin it.


  1. tell 'em to eff off. only use the actual word fuck. whether you say it to their face or to yourself, you'll feel loads better.

    I'm sending fuck you vibes their way right now.

  2. i would make a mental note and the next time i had a cold i would lick all their pens.

    because i am passive aggressive, but whatever makes you feel better about the asshats.

    it hurts when other people say shit, i know...try to love yourself and keep your chin up. only you know what your truth is.

    and if all else fails? just punch them in the face.

    <3 andrea

  3. Ok.. this post was NOT about what I thought it was going to be about. You shouldn't get a girl's hopes up like that.
    But -
    My guys at work don't usually comment, but they do bring tons of yummy things to temp me with.
    The only guy who usually comments is my boss (who eats only rabbit food) and it makes me see red. Not everyone can survive on carrot sticks and tomatoes buddy.

  4. What jerks! I would bring donuts and throw them at their head next time. Saving the sprinkle ones for yourself.

  5. Ignore their comments! The only person you have to answer to is yourself and you know what's in your lunchbox!