Friday, July 16, 2010

GPS Woes

So  one reason I have been away from my blog for a while is vacation. So of course we had the GPS to tell us where to go, but sometimes, it was frustrating. Like the first night, we decided to go see Knight and Day and used the GPS to get to the theater. Started out North on highway X, no prob. It said to exit onto East highway Y, alright. Then, it tells us to exit on to South highway X, what the…. Then it tells us to exit onto West highway Y, WTF. Seriously. It had us drive in a big four leaf clover. Why didn’t it just say West Highway Y to begin with!?!?!  It would say crazy stuff like “Exit in 2 Miles.” But the screen said the exit was in 1 mile, and signs on the highway said 1mile. Driving home it was just highway Z all the way, pretty easy. One point I was asleep, and the GPS told the man to get off on some exit….uhhh no.
This reminds me of all those stories you read in the news about people listening solely to the GPS and not paying attention to the road. So like the GPS says “Turn right here.” Where there’s no road, but they do what it says anyways and drive off a cliff. Though now I think about it, I think that’s a good help to Darwinism. It’s sad all the stupid warnings on stuff, because people have actually done them. It makes me sad how stupid people are these days. It reminds me of how parents always used to say “If your friends jumped off a bridge would you too?” Apparently the modern version is, “If your GPS told you to jump off a cliff, would you?” And surprisingly the answer is yes, yes they would. “Well if the little magic talking direction box says I should turn there, it must know better than me. Har.”

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  1. I named my GPS Trixie.
    She is an idiot.
    End of story.