Thursday, June 24, 2010

I have the smartest car evar

So, I have the smartest car ever. One day on the way home from work, I was listening to some mixed cd I had made. I
really paying attention to what was playing, so had no idea where it stopped when I got out. When I got in my car the next
morning to go to work, I turned on the engine and the first thing out of the speakers is “Man, I just hate stupid people.” I was
in absolute shock. My car knew I was going to work and be surrounded by stupid people! Amazing!
So the people I work with are useless and dumb, putting it nicely. And for the most part I can’t stand the stupid, it gives me headaches and I’m really bad at pretending to like them. So one morning, as I was driving to work, I got to thinking, if I’m nicer and talk to them more, then I will hear more of their stupidness that I can blog about. I’ve struck blogging gold! I’ve got a couple good stories, but first I will take a couple of posts to describe some of the players.
First off, we have the Hens. The Hens are a couple of ladies that are old enough to be my mom or grandma. They don’t like me because I am a younger woman and part of my job is to ask them question about their job. They get very defensive about this and glare at me all the time. So a while ago, an email was sent out saying email should only be for work business (duh), and nothing religious or political should be sent out through the work email. So basically, no more forwards. Well, Hen 1 continued to send forwards after this. When reminded of this she said, “I don’t send forwards. I copy and paste into a new email, so it’s not a forward.” *bangs head on desk*
I know that’s not much idiocy for this post, but i will have many many more posts.

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