Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Should Probably Stay Away From Gardening….and Children

So, as I said before, all I have is a furbaby. Honestly, we’re too inappropriate to have a real baby.

Case and point: One time we were at Target looking at the outdoor furniture. I think it started with talk of our neighbor’s kids and how annoying they are. So I said that we should plant dildos in the front yard so they would be scared away and not play in it, or at the least the parents wouldn’t allow them to play near our yard again. We continued to walk around the store talking about these dildos, the section next to the patio furniture? Yea, kids toys. So we’re walking by still talking about dildos as we walk by families and kids. Nice, huh?

Conclusion: The children would probably steal the dildos and take them home to their moms. The mom’s would be shocked and take the dildos from the kids, and come yell at us for exposing their precious little angels to this evil. Then after yelling at us they would go home, lock themselves in their room, and enjoy. And I’m out of all those dildos I planted!


  1. Hahhahaha. That's what I thought would happen. It's like I read your mind.

  2. there was no place on yesterday's post to leave a comment so I'm doing it here. I cannot believe those hens. You're car isn't just right, it's freaking genius.