Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maxi Cat

I don’t have kids nor right now do I want any. We have a cat furbaby which is more than enough for me. I swear,
our cat things she’s a dog. She rips things up, chews things up, and plays fetch. This pisses the man off. And some
of it I understand, like the multiple times she has chewed through speaker wires. While we are gone, she likes to
rip into loaves of bread and tortillas.

The other day she got into a brand new package of maxi pads. I noticed there were puncture marks in the package as
I was getting ready for work, but didn’t have time to put them away and didn’t think anything of it. Later that night, the
man was cooking dinner and was like “Look in the basement.” All serious like. So I went down, and there were pads
scattered all over the floor. I found it funny, cause really, if you can’t laugh at your cat, who can you laugh at? And it’s
not like she got into the condoms. That happened, I would be pissed. She doesn’t need a tiny human playmate.


  1. This is totally gross & TMI but I am going to share anyway.

    When I lived at home my parents were out of town, I am a chicken when I am home alone so I had my cousin spend the night. She was on her period. I guess she would wrap up her pads with toliet paper and shove them in the bathroom garbage can. The next morning there was used, eaten up pads EVERYWHERE. It was gross, gross, gross. I was mad and she thought it was funny. I never let our dog kiss me again! lol

    Thanks for following & commenting on my blog. :)

  2. I hope you took a picture because that must have been a hilarious sight! My Cat likes to chew bra straps. If I leave my bra's anywhere but in my drawer he will chew the straps right off. Victoria Secret gets alot of money from me about once a year.

  3. The Dh and I are mommy and daddy to 3 furbabies, we have kids too, but the cats are better behaved...... I kid. Each of our kitties have their own personalities, likes and dislikes. We get the biggest kick out of them.

  4. Hahaha you're right!!!! I laugh at my dog allllll time. He thinks he is human. Your cat sounds like quite the character.

  5. I once came home from a date and my gym bag contents were everywhere including the maxi pad, which was in 19 pieces. I was expecting my date to come over any second and there I was running around gathering it all up. Finished seconds before he arrived.

  6. lol! actually sounds cute. =)

  7. She plays FETCH?! lol. That's cute. I really love cats, but with three dogs, kinda impossible.

  8. Winston ate a doorframe, a matress, a sofa & a chair. Not to mention all the little things along the way. Tell the man he's lucky you have a cat. Although you definitely need to make sure the condoms are kept in a cat safe location. Yikes!