Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Could you drive any better with that phone shoved up your ass?!?!

I would like to make a PSA:

WHEN WEATHER CONDITIONS PERMIT, GO THE FRICKIN SPEED LIMIT. This afternoon as I was driving to the gym from work, I got stuck behind a woman going 40, in a 65. Seriously?!?! There was absolutely no reason to go that slow. There was a ton of space between them and the car in front of them. I have always said, if you are too scared to go the speed limit in good conditions, get off the damn road!

I hate driving. I really do. I wouldn’t want to give to give it up cause of the freedom and what not. But some people really just should not be behind the wheel. Put down the damn phone, stop texting and drive. Every time someone is going slow or swerving they are always messing with the phone.

One time a couple years ago, I was driving home from work, traffic was backed up going the opposite direction. In the middle of of the backup, there was a person with their hazards on. They weren’t pulled over or anything, just sitting in traffic with hazards. At first when I saw this, I thought, hmm, that’s kinda weird. Then as I thought about, I realized it’s actually a good idea. If all the shitty drivers had to drive with hazards on, how awesome that would be? Then you would know who the idiots to look out for are.

Though sometimes, you really can predict these idiots. One time I was driving to work and I saw this person switch lanes like 4 times, getting closer to me. And sure enough, they started to come into my lane right, when they were right next to me. Idiot.

So what I need is someone to drive me around. They would have to wait for me and be there to pick me up immediately. I always hated waiting for my dad to pick me up from school. So any volunteers? I can’t afford to pay you more than in love and appreciation, but really? What more do you need in life?


  1. OMG A-Hole drivers make me stabby! In fact Ive addressed one such driver for my post tomorrow... picture of a-hole driver included.

  2. I can't volunteer, but if you find a driver can you count me in the carpool? Because if I have to drive next to an asshole one more time, I may start packing heat in my glove compartment.