Thursday, August 26, 2010

Drink the Kool Aid

Yesterday, Midwestern Mamah  wrote about Fred Phelps and how he can suck it. I commented on it, but had too much to say in a comment so am going to write about him.
I have been to a couple of events that his people have picketed. One being my college graduation. What it appears to me is they just want attention. I think we should all just ignore them and not give them what they want. Another event I went to they were at, was a performance of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Which the only reason I can think they were there, was because the venue holds about 20,000 people. They picketed the high school I went to cause it has a Gay Straight Alliance group. They picketed when President Bush came to speak at the university, not sure if they picketed when Bill Clinton came though. Probably. That’s their style.
Every time I’ve seen them, I haven’t really paid much attention to them, actually none at all. It was more “Oh Phelps is here, meh who cares, they’re dumb.” The times I’ve seen them there has only been like 3 to 5 people there. Pretty pathetic for a protest, really.
I think the worst part of their hatred, is them teaching it to their children. I’ve heard a clip of I believe it was Shirley Phelps-Roper asking a young child what do call a person that something something something. And the child responds “A dyke.” It’s so sad to hear it come out of his mouth cause he doesn’t know any better. They also teach the children to walk on the flag. Shirley Phelps-Roper even wears the flag as a skirt.
A radio station I listen to is friends with a couple of Fred’s granddaughters. One, I believe her name is Libby, actually left the family. She said she went on vacation to like the Caribbean or somewhere and realized that nobody knew who they were there and somehow what they taught was crap. Good for her! Since she left, they talked to one of the other grand daughters, Megan I think, who I believe is like in her mid twenties or so. This woman can’t date, thinks dating is dumb.

From what I can tell, pretty much the only members of this hate group/cult are all members of the Phelps family. What is surprising to me that someone would want to marry into this crazy family. I believe at least one of Fred’s sons that is not associated with the church is gay.

I love the anti-protests people hold when they protest, especially how they wayyyy out number the cult. I saw some pictures of one, where a few of the people dressed as angels. That looked pretty cool. I love the bikers that guard the mourners from them. They’ve been banned from the UK, wish we could ban them from the Earth. Actually, why they haven’t drunk the poison yet is really baffling, as according to them God hates America, Sweden, Canada, Australia, probably every country on Earth, so why would they want to continue to be on this Earth. Just drink the cool-aid and go be with your God.


  1. Here's my thing, they HATE, all the things that give them the freedom to be so stupid, in other countries they would be killed or shipped off. No one takes them serious, but I can't believe they are allowed to raise children. That's surely a crime. When they show up to military funerals I want to puke.

  2. I am a member of Soldiers' Angels and we basically support deployed soldiers and their families. We also have a section that is devoted to attending the funerals of fallen heroes to comfort the families as well. In this section people adopt the family of a fallen hero and make sure that they don't need anything. It is amazing. Now, there has not been an incident here in Michigan with these yahoos, but I have had angel friends who have had to help the Patriot Guard shield the families from these people. Another horrible group is Code Pink. Ugh.