Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grammar Nazi

Lately, I’ve seen people complain about grammar and spelling on like twitter and facebook. Normally, I’m it doesn’t bother, but recently it really has, mainly though only through work stuff, cause ya know it should be “professional”.
I used to have this boss that always harped on others being professional. Yet, he was one of the most Unprofessional people ever. He was a stickler for spelling, yet he always spelled stuff wrong. Like, one time he had some pens made for advertising. The pen was supposed to say “Lose the pen and paper” (which how ironic to put on a pen, that you shouldn’t use it anymore.) But what it really said “Loose the pen and paper.”

One time, I emailed a vendor, and he replied back “Thnx”. Seriously. And I got an email, same vendor, different person, they said “they will sent out a new one.” And “Have a happy Firday.” What’s Firday? And how do I have a good one? The man says, Firday is a day when you don’t shave, ewww, how would that be good?!?!

My favorite, was a woman put “they were without NO computers.” On the calendar once…Double negative, so they did have computers, what’s the problem? Salesman are always misspelling words like “electrical” and other words that they use everyday.

People complain that it’s just young people these days that don’t use proper English, which yes it’s true that is a problem. But the people I work with are all old enough to be a parent or grandparent to me!

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  1. I'm like this, its the internet. A blog, a tweet,a facebook post. I'm not writing my thesis or am I composing a professional letter. Ive just learned to embrace the fact that I never can figure out was/were and the likes.....its all part of my charm .......LOL!!