Friday, August 6, 2010

The Lights are on but nobody’s home

So like I’ve mentioned, people at work are dumb.

The newest fad, leaving the lights off in offices.  I hate this. I don’t have an office. But the one manager, told another “cause it’s cool.” Well the second regarded this as in temperature, when I heard it said I thought as in hip. “They’re going green” GAY.

It’s so annoying cause the lights on is a sign the person is actually here. So now it’s like, oh so and so is gone, walk by and their talking on the phone or whatever. ARGH. I’ve discussed this with other, smarted people than I am surrounded by at work, heat rises, turning off the lights doesn’t affect it. But then again person 2 is very easy and can be talked into anything.  Person 2 has claimed, oh yea it really is a lot cooler in here with the lights off.” Though, for me, I’m always freezing in the office and wearing a jacket.


  1. As I sit here, alone in our office building at 8:00 on a Friday night, I'm looking out of my office at the entire building's overhead lights left on.

    And now that I know how to turn on the AC on weekends, I don't sit in my darkened office, holding my desk fan strategically at the openings in my shorts. Bonus.

    Yes, the lights are a power suck, and for economic reasons, they shouldn't be left on. However, sitting in a darkened office mid-day is stupid.


  2. I swear some people will do just about anything to be thought of as hip.

  3. thank you so much for stopping by Miles Of Style and leaving me a comment!

    i suppose there are plenty of lighting options available now that don't consume or waste as much electricity. im all for going green but i'd rather save up on big things and allow myself a few conviniences/ luxuries of life. =)