Thursday, August 19, 2010

Suck It

So originally, I was going to post about the crazy lady in Manhattan that is a dumb bitch and refused to tell Starbucks how she wanted the bagel she ordered. But then Midwestern Mamah posted about that yesterday on her segment Suck a Fart.

I have my own person that needs to suck a fart. My neighbor. He is so immature, parties every night, loud, obnoxious, and unemployed. At one point he tried to tell us that because of his age he does this, but he’s only a year younger than I am. I have a full time job, I don’t have to drink and do drugs and play loud music every night.

Last night, as I was trying to go to sleep, he was shooting off fireworks! I’m surprised nobody called the cops on him. The man doesn’t want to call the cops on them because he doesn’t want them to do anything to our property. Fireworks are only legal July 1 – 5, as far as I know, at least where I grew up it was, might not be here. Anyway it’s wayyyy past.

One night while trying to sleep he had his music blaring, it sounded like a frickin helicopter. The man went out to ask him to turn it down. He was sitting outside, “Ohh man I wasn’t even listening to it har.” Yea, well we have to, dumbass. I say dumbass a lot when talking about him. Imagine Red Foreman saying it. So Neighbor SUCK A FART OUT OF MY ASS!!

And one of the Do’s on the list, was post lots of pics. So here is one I forgot to post yesterday:

238This is an actual statue at the St Louis Zoo. Somebody really likes monkeys.


  1. LOVE IT! We once had a neighbor like that. After "someone" egged his house a number of times he got the hint and moved. He was only renting.
    Thanks for the plug of my blog!
    ps: brown eggs are harder to get off a house.. err ummm ..... so Ive been told. ;)

  2. You do know that you can do things like go and buy not so fresh raw calamari and cram it in his air conditioning vents to his house and car, it takes forever to figure out where it's coming from and it will never come out. Just saying. Also I was looking for a statue just like that, so thanks for the heads up of where I can steal, I mean err, uhm get one.

  3. wow, sounds like a neighbor that is your worst nightmare :( Sorry! Thanks for following my workout blog...hope to see you again there soon!