Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So cruel

Sorry, I suck at titles.

So ya know what’s kinda ironic but totally cruel?

Having restaurants near like gyms and weight loss places.

I drive home from the gym and have to drive by a million restaurants. Sometimes it smells soooo good. And so evil. I feel my arties clogging just from the smell.

It’s cruel to the people working out cause they as they are going in the gym or coming out, smell all the amazing smells. And thus are more likely to go eat there. Cause hey! I just worked out, I can afford the calories. Or they don’t eat it and are just like, man that smells sooo good. Smells a lot better than the celery I’m going to have for dinner.

Cruel to the people eating cause it’s like hey there fatty. You just ate all that really shitty food and you should come in a burn it off. You’re a disgusting slob that doesn’t care about your health.

In Capital City there was a plaza with a pizza buffet and Chinese buffet with a like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers or something like that. I know it certainly made me feel bad coming out of the pizza buffet.


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  1. some of us girls from work years ago use to go to the gym after work, then straight to Dairy Queen after the gym.