Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pull My Other Leg, It Plays Jingle Bells

So at the beginning of 2009, I weight 255. Gross. So I decided I needed to lose weight, so I started working out and what not. Now, this isn’t a story about losing weight, so feel free to pick that donut or margarita back up and continue noming.

At some point in the summer, I think it was early summer, I decided to finally use the pool at the apartment. We’d lived there a year and a half at that point. I was going to use it more but well you’ll see why here shortly.
So one day after work, I went to the pool. I did some laps and did my thing. There was this man there that had to be at least twenty years older than I. We talked about different stuff, I don’t really remember, not important. So I mentioned something about working out and needing to lose weight. Oh, at this point I was about 230. And he told me I didn’t need to lose weight, I looked great. I’m just like yea ok whatever. And he then said, “You can’t weigh more than 115.”

Half my weight. There is no way in hell, you could ever think someone weighs only half what they actually do. Now if it had been only like 20lb difference or something, I could see that. But 115 lb difference, no way. I don’t know what he was smoking or trying to pull.

Then he started peeling dead skin off his legs and just letting it go in the pool. So, that was the first and last time I ever used that pool. The skin thing really grossed me out. And that guy was just overall creepy.


  1. I get you and I have been in this situation. You said Older, we can possibly give him leeway due to cataracts or something. Depending on how much older, dementia. Add in the dirty old man creepy factor and he gets a pass. But like you said 20lbs maybe, if you carry it well and are proportionate you can eak out 35lbs sometimes in the right clothes. But I have to draw the line and grab a barf bag at the peeling of the skin? yeah gross, and eww. The only thing worse would have been getting a drive by balling from him and his too small speedo. Damn. Yeah time to alert pool management to disinfect that pool

  2. Okay... I just threw up in my mouth a little when you said that about the dead skin.

  3. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment!! Yeah he was creepy. The dead skin thing, ick.. As for the losing weight thing, I am there as well. Although I hate the diet thing. Maybe I will use the work out room of the place we are moving, they have a treadmill and I think that I could do that. Stop by again soon!

  4. Yuck!! Who leaves dead skin in a pool?? That is disgusting!

  5. Maybe he was trying to butter you up...maybe he thought you'd help him peel the dead skin from him legs...

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