Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dog Barbecue Sauce

The other night we were at the grocery store, and I noticed, I believe it was called “Dog Sauce.”

Now this confused me greatly. Shouldn’t this be in the Korean or Asian aisle? Sauce to put on your dog meat. If so, do Korean’s only have one kind of sauce for their dog? I would think it would be more like when you go to a Chinese Buffet, and they have walnut chicken, sweet and sour, orange, and so on and so forth. Tens of types of sauce for chicken.  Though, it did specify between puppies and dogs, so apparently you have to a different kind of sauce. Obviously the puppy meat would be a lot more tender so it would be more of a milder sauce. (I’ve been to a Great City BBQ once, I know this stuff).  I would also think a puppy sauce would be sweeter, as they are innocent and haven’t had much time to get into a lot of trouble.

Or if it’s for your dog to eat, why? Dogs lick their butts, why do we need to make their food taste better?!? They drink from the toilet. They sniff each other’s butts. So I think it’s safe to say, their palates are not very refined and necessitate fine dining. Yes, I know barbecue isn’t really fine dining, but for a dog, it is. And it depends on where ya live, I live near a city that is known for it’s barbecue. When has a dog ever said to you, “Hey, my food is a little dry and bland, I need some sauce to put on it.”


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